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Exploring Life & Business with Hannah Hall of 4 Out of 5 Dentists

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hannah Hall.

Hi Hannah, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
In the beginning before my reselling business 4 Out of 5 Dentists was ever an income-generating career for me, I was just a girl in a thrift store.

My background is pretty humble but lined with obstacles I’ve overcome and continue to overcome. I was born in West TN in 1990 to a single mom who worked full time and went to college full time while struggling through poverty and mental health issues that she overcame as well. She is my inspiration behind everything I do and showed me there is light at the end of dark tunnels.

I’ll be 32 this month and I didn’t really even start reselling until 10 years ago in 2012. I had just moved in with my husband and I had noticed I had a knack for finding really unique and valuable things in thrift stores. Up until then, I had worked a few retail jobs in hopes of saving money and being financially independent but I always had more bills than money at the end of the month so I knew I had to do something to change my life.

I was homeschooled from 5th grade until I graduated high school and always thought I would use my classical piano talent playing by ear to break into the music industry and perhaps go to Belmont in Nashville, TN but when the student loans popped up I just couldn’t go through with it without a guarantee of being able to make the money I would need to pay them back so the cautious side of me put a hold on college until I knew 100% that I wanted to be there and that it would truly be worth it for me.

I started out listing things on Facebook Marketplace and had pretty good luck selling on the platform! At first, it was just extra money and I was happy to see it but I wanted and needed more. I would set up meetings in our local Target parking lot and exchange the items I sold for cash. Things went well for a while until I had a few dangerous encounters that made me really take a step back and ask myself just how safe it was to meet a perfect stranger to selling an item. At this point, I turned to the internet.

In 2015 at the age of 25, I joined Poshmark and never looked back. It was a slow process at first and I am still learning things daily about being your own boss but it has become the main platform I sell on now.

There’s a LOT that goes into having your own business but it’s been a constant adventure and I wouldn’t change anything. I have many business goals that include not only 4 Out of 5 Dentists for reselling but I also plan to take my passions for Music, Photography (Hannah Hall Photography), Entrepreneurship Coaching, and Content Creation to cultivate them into multiple streams of income.

I firmly believe in living your life with intention in all areas, having a plan, and making that plan happen. I write EVERYTHING down in lists, and speak daily about what my dreams are, what I want in my life, what I don’t want in my life, and how it’s going to happen. Sure bumps in the road are sure to happen but you recalculate and keep going.

My current dream and one I’ve had for quite a while is to keep saving until I have enough for my family to move permanently to the Franklin, TN area and continue to grow our lives there on a full-time basis instead of back and forth between there and Jackson, TN. I’ve always had a love for Nashville that stemmed from Childhood and I feel like it’s the place I’m meant to really throw down roots in this coming season of my life.

I currently am married to the love of my life, I have a three-year-old son, and we’re expecting baby number two in November of this year. I would consider myself a Jack of all trades but really at the heart of it, I’m still just a girl in a thrift shop.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I would say it has been smooth with my fair share of obstacles but I have yet to not overcome them.

I’ve struggled with Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid issues, and financial issues that take their toll separately so together they can be a doozy to deal with together. Through therapy, medication for my thyroid, and my personal beliefs I keep going. I think that’s the key really.

It’s hard. I would never trivialize that. But there’s that drive inside to keep going even when I fall down, I get back up again.

There are so many times when I thought I had too much going against me with being from a broken home, coming from poverty, being a woman without a college degree but now I see that I have the talent, strength, and knowledge to overcome anything that comes against me or the endeavors I pursue.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about 4 Out of 5 Dentists?
4 Out of 5 Dentists is the business name I chose for my reselling business. I resell unique, trendy, sought-after items I love online through an app and website called Poshmark. I hope to have my own website soon for my business.

I chose the name because of its humorous nature and to draw customer confidence in my brand because I truly do believe if my business were a toothpaste that 4 Out of 5 Dentists would recommend me. I can’t speak for the last Dentist; maybe he has a cavity. I specify mainly in women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories but I plan to branch out into men’s, children’s, books, and digital content.

I bring my personality and experience. humor, heart, honesty, humility, and professionalism to my business and of course the inventory that I sell. I feel a combination of all of those things illuminates me amongst other businesses.

I am so proud of where I started in the humble beginnings and literally at the bottom, proud of where I am because I’m learning and growing and I’m even proud of where I’m going even though I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet.

What quality or characteristic do you feel is most important to your success?
I think authenticity is the absolute most important factor in the success I’ve seen so far with the drive not being far behind. I’m one of those people who can hold their tongue but their facial expressions will say it all.

I needed to create or find a career where I could be my authentic self and really put my heart and soul into what I do and with 4 Out of 5 Dentists, I have created that for myself.


  • Clothing and shoes from $10 to $400

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